Scheduled reports let you track how your helpdesk is doing without logging in. As an Administrator/Supervisor, you can schedule your custom reports to regularly receive them as PDFs OR CSVs in your inbox. Schedule reports for yourself and anybody who is a part of your helpdesk, i.e., any non-deleted contact (agent or customer). However, you can schedule reports only if you have Edit access.


A quick guide to scheduling reports:

  • Login to your Freshdesk account as an Administrator/Supervisor
  • Go to Analytics and select your custom report
  • Click on the Export icon near the Present icon and click on Schedule Report.

  • To configure a schedule, click on the 'New Schedule' button. 

  • You can decide the cadence (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) in which you want to receive these reports. Customize the delivery time, Subject, and Description to suit your business.

  • Under Send to, you can add the recipient's email addresses (even if they are non-Freshworks users) and press Enter.

  • Click Save. 

You can configure multiple schedules for the same report at different time intervals and to different individuals.  

  • Click the ‘Schedule’ button to edit or deactivate the schedule using the ‘Active’ toggle.
  • Click on Save once you’ve made the required changes. 

You can create new schedules by clicking the '+New Schedule' button in the top right corner. View all your Schedules from the Analytics home page by clicking the Settings icon in the top right corner --> Schedule.

You’ll be able to view the list of schedules along with their Frequency, Recipients, and Status. You can edit or delete a schedule by hovering over the corresponding row item.