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Filtering reportsSprout+Free+
Filtering widgetsEstate+Pro+

As your support requests increase in number, the amount of data in your helpdesk reports also increases. It is important to organize your data using filters based on various ticket properties or fields, which will make it easier for you to understand them better as well as help you to drill down on specific aspects.

Note: Filters added on the report level will be added to all widgets in the report. Filters added on the widget level will hold good only for that widget.

You can filter reports and widgets using the following criteria:

  • Based on a particular time period or a custom date range - this will help you understand your helpdesk metrics on a day-to-day basis, as well as help you keep an eye on overall performance.
  • Based on ticket properties like type, source, priority, agent, group and customer or custom ticket fields - you can identify specific channels or areas of your helpdesk that require focus and allocate resources accordingly.
  • Based on tags - if your team uses tags to track specific issues or events, filtering your reports by tags will make it easier to understand the main issues that affect your performance and provide insights into finding long-term solutions for those issues. 
  • Based on your use-case, you can make use of Basic or Advanced filters:


  • Any of the conditions

  • All of the conditions


  • All of condition block 1 AND any from condition block 2

  • All of condition block 1 OR any from condition block 2

  • Any of condition block 1 OR all from condition block 2

  • Any of condition block 1 AND all from condition block 2

Note: You will not be able to filter the Time Sheet Summary report using tags.