When you create a support portal with Freshdesk, you get a " .freshdesk.com" domain by default. If you want to host your support portal under a custom URL, like "support.yourcompany.com", you can point your custom URL to the Freshdesk domain you signed up with.

Here's how to do this:


  • Go to Admin > Channels > Portals

  • Under Portal URL enter the custom URL you want to use to access your support portal.

  • Click on the Setup URL button to generate a CNAME value.

Note: We have updated the Portal settings and are rolling out this update in batches so some customers might not see the Setup URL button. If you dont see the Setup URL button, create a TXT record in your Domain Control Panel before entering the Portal URL and click on the Save button.

This update will be rolled out to all customers by Q2 2021.

  • Once the CNAME value is generated, log on to your Domain Control Panel.

  • In your Domain Control Panel, go to Admin tools > DNS Manager > Add CNAME record (This might vary based on where you are hosting your domain, please contact your web hosting company for more help.)

  • Copy the domain name and CNAME value from your Portal settings in Freshdesk

  • If your Domain Host is asking for a TTL (Time-To-Live), you can enter a value between 30 minutes to 1 hour, or else leave it blank.

  • Once you have added the CNAME record, return to your portal settings on Freshdesk.

  • Click on the Save button on the top right to save your changes.


After you've successfully added your custom URL, you can add a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt to your domain to protect your customer information from malicious 3rd parties. To request an SSL certificate:


  • Go to Admin > Channels > Portal

  • Click on the Portal you would like to secure

    • If the icon next to the Portal URL is green, your portal is secured.

    • If the icon is orange, your portal is not secured.

If your Portal settings does not have the Enable SSL button, please write to support@freshdesk.com and we will provide you an SSL certificate.

  • If the icon is orange, click Enable SSL to request a free SSL certificate and enable it for your support portal.

  • You can return to this page to check if your domain is now secured.