Groups are collections of agents that share common traits that make sense to your business. You can create groups to represent your teams and business functions within Freshdesk.

Since an agent can be part of multiple groups, groups are a versatile tool to help agents see only what's relevant to them. This helps reduce clutter and improve agent efficiency. For example:

  • Assign tickets: Tickets can be assigned to groups. This filters the list of assignable agents to those in the chosen group.
  • Agent scope: Agent accounts can be configured to have access only to tickets assigned to their group.
  • Dynamic ticket fields: You can show particular ticket fields based on the selected group See Creating dynamic sections.
  • Automations: Groups can be targeted using automation rules, so you can automatically assign tickets to particular groups based on related keywords.
  • Canned responses: Each group can have unique canned responses. This allows a group to speed up their relevant business function.
  • Analytics: Freshdesk offers a specific report to study group performance. See Group Performance Report in Analytics.
  • Unique email: If you've set up multiple email channels, you can associate them with particular groups. All tickets coming through that email address will be assigned to the group. See Setting up your support email.

Create a new group

  1. As an Administrator, go to Admin > Team > Groups.
  2. Click New Group.
    • If Field Service Management (FSM) is enabled, you'll see a dropdown to create a Service Group. See Creating Service Groups.
  3. Provide a Name and Description for your group.
  4. (Pro plans onwards) If you've set up multiple SLA policies, select the relevant Business Hours for your group. See SLA Policy Setup.
  5. Click Create.
  6. In the next step, select the agents for this group and click Add to Group.

GIF showing the steps described above.

Tip: You can also assign groups while adding or editing an agent. See Add, Edit, or Delete Support Agents.

Edit or Delete a Group

On the Groups page, hover over a group and click the Pencil icon to edit it or the Trashcan icon to delete it.

The groups page and the edit icon for a group.

Warning: If you delete a group, any tickets associated with it will have the Group property unassigned. We recommend reassigning all tickets before deleting a group.

Group Properties

While editing a group, select the Group Properties tab to configure the following:

  1. (Pro plans and above) Automatic ticket assignment: choose how tickets are assigned to agents within the group. See Understanding automatic ticket assignment.
  2. Agent availability status: Restrict agents from changing their availability for automatic ticket assignment.
  3. Ticket escalation settings: Set up an automated email to trigger when a ticket remains unassigned to an agent for a defined time. To change the email content, see Configuring Email notifications.