Quick view allows you to access a specific collection of your knowledge base content, with a single click. The collection of content you can access through quick view also changes based on the product or language that you have chosen.

Quick guide to access quick views

  • Go to the Solutions page

  • Click on the Hamburger icon on the top left of the page, to open the Quick views window. Within the window, you can access any of the views that are displayed, with a single click

  • Each view also displays the number of categories and articles that it contains.

Understanding quick views

With the Quick views, you can access: 

  • Your different product portal: You can choose the product you would like to work with by clicking on the Select portal dropdown in the Quick views window.

  • All categories: This shows the two-pane view consisting of all the categories, folders and articles of the chosen product and language.

  • All articles list view: This consists of articles list views shows all the articles that are present under the chosen product and language.

  • All drafts list view: Shows all the articles that are in draft status under the chosen product and language.

  • My drafts list view: Shows all only the articles you have created in draft status for a specific product and language.

  • Published articles list view: Shows all the articles that have been published under a specific language and product.

  • In review articles list view: Shows all articles that are in review status..

  • Approved articles list view: Shows all the articles approved by the reviewers

  • Untranslated and outdated articles list view: These views are only displayed when you choose a language apart from the primary. This shows only the articles that are not translated from the primary language and the articles that are not yet updated according to the changes made to the primary language.

  • Article Feedback: The tickets that are raised after a customer submits a feedback about an article can be accessed using this view.

  • Article templates: Shows all the article templates created by your team. You can also create new templates from here.

  • Unassociated categories: All the categories that are not associated with a specific product can be accessed under this view.