Note: Learn the basics of Analytics in this video. Find the guide to use Analytics here.

Free (Sprout)Growth (Blossom)Pro (Garden/Estate)Enterprise (Forest)
Curated reports
Ticket volume trendYYYY
Helpdesk reports (Performance & Ticket Volume)NYYY
Timesheet summary reportNYYY
Agent performanceNNYY
Group performanceNNYY
Satisfaction survey reportNNYY
Performance distributionNNYY
Top Customer analysisNNYY
Ticket Lifecycle reportNNYY
Knowledge base reportNNYY
Canned Responses ReportNNYY
Average Handling TimeNNYY
Freddy Triage reportNNNY
Freddy Emailbot reportNNNY
Freddy Canned Response reportNNNY
Report level functionalities
Report level - SearchYYYY
Report level - FiltersYYYY
Report level - SaveNYYY
Report level - DeleteNYYY
Report level - ScheduleNNYY
Report level - ExportNNYY
Advanced reporting
Custom reportingNNYY
Add widgetsNNYY
Widget level - SearchNNYY
Widget level - ScheduleNNYY
Widget level - ExportNNYY
Widget level - Save & Save AsNNYY
Widget level - FilterNNYY
Widget level - DeleteNNYY
Change chart (Visualization)NNYY
Add to reportsNNYY
Other capabilities
Clone reportNYYY
Underlying dataNNYY
Text widgetsNNYY
Widget page stylingNNYY
Data exportNNYY
Three-level data drill downNNYY