Sometimes, agents need to minimize distractions and process tickets quickly. Freshdesk's Focus mode helps agents work on a queue of tickets without interruption.

To enable focus mode:

  1. Click your profile in the top right corner and select Profile Settings.
  2. Enable the Focus Mode toggle on the right side.

Warning: If you are a Customer Service Suite customer, you will find the Profile Settings page only on pages specific to Ticketing, such as on the Tickets page, and admin settings such as Ticket forms or Ticket Canned responses.

Once focus mode is enabled, the agent can reply to tickets and set the status as resolved. This will take them to the next ticket in line.

Important: Focus mode does not work when agents update the status on the ticket without replying or if they click on the 'Close' button on the top bar. These actions would take them to the list view as in regular mode.