Curated reports give you insights into your team’s performance across Freshdesk, Freshcaller, Freshchat.  You can validate performance across channels effortlessly. Each of these reports, and the widgets within these reports, can be filtered and modified based on your needs.

These reports are available on the Freshdesk Omnichannel plans. For more details, please visit this link. 

In this article, we'll look at the 4 Omnichannel curated reports

  • Omnichannel Volume analysis
  • Omnichannel Performance analysis
  • Omnichannel agent analysis
  • Omnichannel CSAT 

Omnichannel volume analysis

This report helps you understand the trends in incoming traffic over a period of time

A few things you can do- 

  • Understand whether the incoming ticket, phone, and chat traffic is increasing or decreasing during the day, week, or over a few months. 
  • View the percentage of phone calls and chats converted to tickets.
  • Get insights on the type of phone calls and chats that are mostly converted to tickets

The report has two tabs. The overview tab has three widgets that show the number of inquiries your team receives over a period of time. Under the time tab, you’ll get insights on calls and chats that are converted to tickets 

Widgets in the Overview tab 

  • Incoming traffic in the last 30 days shows the inquiries you’ve recived in the last 30 days
  • Your support team’s busiest day of the week demonstrates the inquiry volume on different days of the week 
  • Your support team’s busiest hours of the day shows which time of the day you receive the most calls, tickets, or chat  

Widgets in the Channel Analysis tab

  • Phone to ticket conversion- Shows the percentage of phone calls that need to be converted to tickets
  • Type of ticket created from a phone call- Shows the type of issues that require a call to be converted to a ticket. The Type is based on the ticket property ( like a refund, web issue, etc. ) 
  • Chat to ticket conversionShows the percentage of chat conversations that need to be converted to tickets 
  • Types of tickets created from chat- Shows the type of issues that require a call to be converted to a ticket. The Type is based on the ticket property ( like refund, web issue, etc. ) 

 Omnichannel performance analysis

With this curated report, you get an overview of how fast your customer issues are responded to or resolved. In the case of phone calls, response time and resolution time refers to the time to answer and time to complete phone calls 

The report has three tabs. Each of which gives you insights on first response time, response time, and resolution time. 

The first response tab shows how quickly you’ve answered tickets, chat conversations, and phone calls every month. The response tab shows how quickly you respond to customers on tickets and chat conversations. The resolution tab shows how long it takes for your team to resolve tickets, chat conversation and handle phone calls.  

Omnichannel Agent Analysis

This report gives an overview of agents’ performance across different channels.

 You’ll be able to view 

  • Details on the total number of calls, chat, and tickets that an agent has worked on. You’ll also have insights on the calls they missed, tickets reopened etc. 
  • Details on an agent’s speed in responding to inquiries and resolving them. 

Omnichannel CSAT 

Gives an overview of how happy customers are with your support using Freshdesk and Freshchat