The Signature Management Plus app enables you to add multiple signatures to your helpdesk based on your configured groups and products. These signatures can be inserted with a click of a button when composing several ticket replies.

This app benefits users to formulate their replies in a professional and structured manner.


Installing the Signature Management Plus App

To install the app,

  • Login to your helpdesk portal as an Admin.

  • Go to Admin > Support Operations > Apps.

  • In the Search apps text box, search for the Signature Management Plus app.

  • Click Install and configure the details, such as the API Key and Domain.

  • Click Verify

Setting up the App in Ticket Details Page

  • The app is located in the Ticket Details page of all the tickets.

App location

  • Click on the Add Signature button.

  • Name the Signature

  • Add the signature in the text editor using the placeholders.

  • Select the Groups and Products that can use the signature.

Note: Do not use spaces when naming the signature, instead use “_”

App configuration

After setting up the signature, you can preview it, as shown in the image below.

App configuration

Adding signature inside the ticket reply editor

  • The Signature Management Plus icon is located inside the reply editor in tickets.

App location in text editor

  • Click on the Signature Management Plus icon.

  • Choose the Signature from the dropdown and click on the radio button.

  • Click Add Signature.

App configuration