If you are operating from Germany, you can adhere to German labor laws, which prohibit administrators from accessing performance data of agents under a German contract. For customers who want to access agent data for non-German agents operating in Germany and other countries, you can use this enhancement to hide agent data in Freshdesk Analytics. 

Admins will find a new toggle named "Hide Data" on the agent profile page for each individual agent. Once this toggle is enabled, the agent's personal information will be automatically excluded from Analytics, ensuring their data remains private.

When users (Admins/agents) access the Analytics page and search for data related to Agent X, who is located in Germany, the following behavior will be observed:

Filters and Grouping: Agent name and agent email will not be available in filters or group options.

For agents with the 'Hide Data' toggle on, their names and emails will be replaced with 'Anonymous'.

Agent Performance Reports: Agent name and agent email will not appear in Agent performance reports. Instead, they will be displayed as 'Anonymous' for agents with the 'Hide Data' toggle on.

Customer Ticket Data: When customers view tickets grouped by agent name, all tickets worked by Germany contract agents will be shown under 'Anonymous'.

Underlying Data Columns: When the agent name and agent email are selected as columns in the underlying data: 

  • Rows with actions taken by German contract agents will show 'Anonymous' in the agent name and agent email columns.

Contract Change: If an agent moves from Germany to another location and the contract changes:

  • Admins will only see Agent level data for tickets the agent starts working on after the contract change (after switching the toggle).
  • For tickets worked on by the agent before the contract change, the agent name and agent email will still appear as 'Anonymous'.

Out of scope:

  • Data in Dashboards: We do not display any performance metrics related to agents in dashboards. Therefore, we will not be concealing agent names in dashboards.
  • Historic data before the toggle was turned on: Tickets worked on by the agent before the toggle was enabled will still contain Agent PII information.
  • Exports: Agent PII information will not be hidden in ticket activity exports. As we do not include any performance metrics in exports, there is no need to hide this information in V1.

If you are in a demography that mandates similar labor laws, please reach out to support@freshdesk.com to enable this feature.