Support teams need to handle different types of queries coming in from customers. Some queries are quick & transactional, whereas others are long-running issues that require multiple teams to collaborate and resolve. Complex queries need to be handled by agents with specialized skills and expertise. This requires a handover from one agent to another. 

When many teams are involved, there is a need to share responsibility and ensure accountability from everyone involved to resolve customer issues on time. Also, along with collaboration, there is a need to ensure that all stakeholders have as much context as possible, in one place. 

With Task management, agents can assign tasks to specific team members, track their progress, and ensure that they are completed within the designated time frame. This helps agents stay organised and ensures that all necessary steps are taken to resolve the customer's query effectively. Additionally, Task management allows for seamless collaboration between team members, which helps streamline the overall customer support process.

What is a task?

Tasks enable teams and agents to collaborate in order to resolve a customer's chat query. It allows agents to assign tasks to specific team members, track their progress, and ensure that they are completed within the deadlines. Task also allows agents to incorporate conversational properties while setting up to give context to the internal teams.

How does task management help?

  • Accountability - The internal tasks are assigned to specific agents who are accountable to complete the work within the stipulated time. 

  • Modularisation: All messages for internal collaboration are separated from the customer conversation, which then gets decluttered.

  • Access to customer information: An internal agent on Freshdesk can see the details of the customer for whom the ticket is raised. If needed, an agent can pull up relevant information to resolve the chat query. 

  • Seamless collaboration - Internal agents on Freshdesk can collaborate with other internal teams by sharing a private note with them and bringing them on the ticket

Working on an internal task raised on Freshchat 

  1. When a task is created within Freschat, a regular ticket is created within Freshdesk 

  2. The ticket will be tracked with the source ‘chat-internal task’, with the subject, customer information, description & other properties shared by the Freshchat agent, and a transcript of the conversation.

  3. As an internal agent, you can write a public note which will be shared with the frontline agent on Freshchat.

  4. You can also further collaborate with additional internal teams on Freshdesk by sharing a private note with them. This note will not be visible to the frontline agent working on Freshchat. All conversations on notes have agents' details tagged for chat-internal tasks.


Admin capabilities for managing internal tasks

As an admin, you play a crucial role in ensuring that your team is able to effectively collaborate, communicate, and complete tasks. To do this, you can

  1. Assign SLAs for the source Chat - Internal Task

  2. Define ticket routing for the group Chat - Internal Task

  3. Set automation rules to run on ticket updates for the category Chat - Internal Task. In addition to the standard automation rules, you can also map the status from Freshdesk to Freshchat under ticket updates. When the source is selected as chat_internal_task, you can define an action to set the status of the parent conversation as needed

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